Cutting-edge dashboards to manage performance data and downline customer activity

DASHBOARD Analytix was launched to aid companies in scaling their businesses through integrated data capture, analytics, and presentation to deliver key metrics and performance results from executive management at the top and end-users at the bottom. Coupled with an easy-to-use CRM and notification engine, Dashboard Analytix delivers actionable insights.


Dashboard Analytix’s innovative solutions enable clients to manage and monitor large data sets and user groups with end-to-end automation, performance review and department-appropriate notifications.

Through a consultative approach, Dashboard Analytix delivers customized dashboards for admins and end-users that capture and highlight the critical data and performance metrics to monitor and scale business units.

Through layered API-integration clients can access critical business data in business-focused dashboards that are built to specification, with unique, branded interfaces for various levels of management and end-users.

With a built-in CRM and email integration users can built custom notification campaigns to advise key personnel of key performance milestones, risk alerts and business-related objectives.


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